Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prejuniors Chinese New Year Party 2013

'Thong Yuen' and Steamboat was on the menu and our prejunior members were very hands-on as they had to help in the preparation of the food.

Little pink & white balls of  thong yuen were rolled by eager fingers and then cooked in boiling water. Then members were then given a variety of fishballs, vegetables, mushrooms, sausages, crab sticks to thread onto skewers for the steamboat. They worked quickly and in no time all the skewers were ready to be put into the steamboat pots.

It was a wonderful time of feasting and fellowship. And Bravo to the prejuniors as they also helped with the cleaning-up.

How do we know when is ready to be eaten?

Choosing their favourite foods

Well done, team!