Monday, July 9, 2012

Juniors: Run up to E&A Day 2012

Reminder for the Juniors who are participating in the E&A presentation. Please note your practices on:
14 July - 12.30pm-1.45pm & 4.45pm - 5.45pm
21 July - 12.30pm - 1.45pm & 4.45pm - 5.45pm (if necessary)
 28 July (E&A day) - 12.00pm (tentative)  

Please note that we will be preparing for the upcoming E&A Day during our parade for the next 2 weeks.

We will be finishing on the badge tests. If you have yet to pass your badge and is resitting for it, please spend the time to revise so that you can receive your award on the E&A Day. 
Parents, can you please help your kids to revise accordingly. 

We will be arranging the sequence of the award recepients this Saturday along with brushing up on how you receive the award. So please try to make it for the parades for the next 2 weeks.

We would like to invite all the parents and family of the members of BB2SJ to our Enrolment and Award Day 2012 on:
Date: Saturday, 28th July 2012
Time: 3.00 - 5.30pm
Venue: First Baptist Church, Subang Jaya

Note to all members: Please be in FBC by 1.30pm! We will be taking the Sections and Company photos and you will miss it if you are late! You will be required to be in FULL uniform for that day and you will not be able receive your award if you are not! So please make sure that you replace whatever missing part of your uniform before that day!