Thursday, June 28, 2012

Juniors: Outing to the Bukit Melawati & MNS Nature Park at Kuala Selangor on 30th June 2012

Please be reminder on the upcoming Junior's outing to Bukit Melawati and MNS Nature Park at Kuala Selangor this Saturday, 30th June 2012.

We will be taking an educational tour of the historical site as well as the mangrove swamp. We will also be having a "Historical Relic Hunt" activity, lunch and a tram ride around Ford Altingsburg, a fish farm and the Nature Park.

Date: Saturday, 30th June 2012
Fall-in: Before 7.30am at FBC
Dismissal: 5.00pm (please take note of the earlier timing!)
Dress code: Wear your BB mufti top. You can wear any other type of pants and shoes. BB cap is not required.

Please do not forget to bring your water bottle, cap/hat, insect repellent, sunblock, and raincoat.

You are not allowed to bring any handheld computer game devices, junk food and penknife. If you wish to bring camera and handphone, you will have to be responsible for the devices and the officers nor the Company will not be responsible for them.

For the members who are not going for the Kuala Selangor trip, please note that there will be NO parade in FBC for this Saturday.

Also please remember the "One Heart Satu Hati" talk organized by the Pre-Junior section is happening this Saturday from 2.00 to 5.30pm at the FBC Cafeteria!