Monday, April 23, 2012

Juniors: Pancake Competion

 Update: Please note that the Pancake Competition has been postponed to 5th May 2012!! There will be no Bible and Badge class for that Saturday.

They are known as crepes, galette bretonne, Pfannkuchen, pannenkoeken,
flapjacks and many many other guises. Most of us simply c
all them pancake. They come in many styles, flavours, and with many different ingredients! So are you ready to think outside of the pan for your pancakes?Get ready for the Junior's Pancake Cooking competition on 5th May 2012 (Updated!!)

You are to divide your squ
ad into 3 groups with each group preparing a different type of pancake for Appertizer, Main and Dessert. The Squad Leader will the restaurant manager who will oversee the whole team including the planning and cooking so he/she cannot be involved directly in the cooking itself. The Squad Leader is to appoint a team leader for each of the teams who will be responsible for everything from the planning, ingredients, equipments and the cooking and presentation for that particular pancake type.

You will be given only 1 stove with the gas canister for the competition. You are not allowed to bring any other cooking equipment like toaster, oven etc. You are however allowed to bring the food processing equipment like food processor, blender etc. So please learn to plan your timing properly to ensure that all teams h
ave adequate time to cook!

One important note. You have to prepare the food from scratch that means no pre-mixed pancake flour, canned soup, etc. If you are not sure, please confirm with you Squad Officer!

The squad leader will appoint 2 representative per team to present to the judges on their pancakes. The presenters cannot be the
squad or team leaders. The presenters' role is to convey to the judges why you chose that recipe, what went into the pancake, and to try to convience the judges on why they should give you top marks!

The marking will be as follow:

The Squad Officers/Helpers will oversee all the 3 teams within the squad and will
be evaluating them based on the following:

Teamwork & Leadership (0 - 15 pts)

  1. Does the team and squad members work well together?
  2. Is everyone well utilized? Anyone lepaking or unwilling to pull their own weight?
  3. Are things done in an orderly manner?
  4. How is well does the Squad Leader delegate the responsibilities and manage as the overall restaurant owner?
  5. Is the team well led by the respective team leads? Can the team leaders handle the team members well?
  6. Are clear instructions given to all team members by their leader?
Hygiene (0 - 15 pts)
  1. Does all the team practice good hygiene?
  2. Do they wash their hands and utensils before using them?
  3. Do they clean their raw materials properly?
Cleanliness (0 - 20 pts)
  1. Cleanliness of the workplace, table, stove, floor, garbage bin, pots & pans,utensils, etc before and especially after the competition!
Deductions (Max -20 pts)

  • Deductions for teams not following the rules of the competition e.g. bring pre-prepared food chopped up by the parent or maid, does not follow safety procedures, handling knives dangerously, running around, members not helping out with the squad, taking things from other squad without asking for permission, sabotaging others, arguing and fighting, etc.
The panel of judges will taste and judge your 3 pancake dishes based on the creativity of its ingredients and thoughts that go into its planning:

Uniqueness & Creativity of a
ll the 3 different types of pancakes (0 - 15 pts)

  1. Each squad is tasked with preparing 3 different types of pancakes - how different are they from each other? Do they taste and look plain? Are their ingredients unique? If they are all quite similar then the points will be lower!
Deliciousness Factor (0-25 pts per pancake dish)

  1. How good are the pancakes in taste, texture and physical presentation?
  2. Presentation of the dishes. Any extra effort to spruce up the presentation of the pancake?
  3. Edibility
Presentation (0 - 10 pts)
  1. How good is the verbal presentation by the team members in describing their pancakes,the ingredients and cooking process?
  2. How good is the marketing? Will you order the dish in a restaurant?
Deductions (Max -20 pts)
  • Deductions for un-BB conduct e.g. does not follow safety procedures, handling knives dangerously, arguing and fighting, disparaging other teams & etc.
The prizes? The scoring will be by the squad in total. Watch out for the special prizes!

The tentative timing for the competition:
2.00 - 2.15pm - Fall-in
2.15 - 2.45pm - Worship
2.45 - 3.00pm - Pancake Competition Briefing
3.00 - 4.45pm - Cooking time
4.45 - 5.00pm - Setting up the Pasta Dishes for judging & cleaning up
5.00 - 5.15pm - Judges evaluation
5.15 - 5.45pm - Team Pasta makan
5.45 - 6.00pm - Fall-out and announcement of winners