Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Junior Section Camp 17th March 2012

Dear Junior Section members,
1.Those not going to Murni Camp:
- please remember to fill up your leave form as the camp is considered as a parade day

2. Those going to the camp:
- remember to wear your navy blue or maroon mufti top. You can wear anything else for your shorts, socks and shoes. no need name tag, BB cap, BB socks or BB shoes
- remember to bring your rain clothes and extra clothes. Please pack your dry clothes in a plastic bag (e.g. plastic garbage bag) to ensure that they don't get wet if it rains while we are getting into camp
- checkout below sites on how to tie knots. will be helpful during one of the camp activities.

Dear parents
- Please pray for our safety, well being, good weather and a time to get to know one another as well as to learn more about our boundaries. Pray for little mozzies!