Sunday, August 7, 2011

Juniors & Pre-Juniors: E&A Day on 13th August 2011

We will be celebrating our 11th Enrolment & Award Day this coming Saturday and would like to invite all the parents and family of our members to join us for this joyous occasion. As we celebrate we also want to remember and honor God who have blessed us and sustained us all these years.

So come join us to see your children re-enrol in the company for one more year and to see them accepting their awards on stage! Please join us on:

Date: Saturday, 13th August 2011
Time: 2.45 - 5.30pm
Venue: First Baptist Church, Subang Jaya

Please note that all Pre-Junior and Junior's members have to report in before 1.30pm on 13th August for the photo taking session. The photo session will proceed as planned and we will not be able to wait for any late-comers, so please take note!

Juniors: Please remember to come in FULL uniform in order to be able to participate in the Award ceremony. Please get your uniform ready the night before to ensure that you have everything in order. Make a checklist ahead of time if that would be of help to you!

Junior's Presentation Team - Light of the World
Please be in FBC by 12.00noon sharp for your final practice in the Main Worship Hall in your full uniform. Please note that lunch will be provided for the Junior's presentation team members.

Pre-Junior's Presentation - Choral Speaking
Please be in FBC by 1.00pm sharp for your final choral speaking practice in your Std 2/Grey Badge room on the 1st floor.

See you all there!