Thursday, July 7, 2011


Please take note of the upcoming program for the Juniors.

16 July 2011 - Bible Quiz
BB Parade will be as usual. Bible Quiz will be at 1:30pm (to meet at Basement 2 first for marking attendance before they proceed to Library for the Quiz (subject to change). 15 children (Std 5 & 6 Juniors and Pre-Juniors) have been registered for the Boys' Brigade Malaysia Bible Quiz ie competing with other BB companies in Malaysia. Please revise your assigned topic before the quiz!

30 July (5th Sat) - Pasta Cooking Competition The objectives of the Pasta cooking competition are: - Appreciaton for Teachers/Instructors; - Cooking skills training; and - Teamwork . Please make sure that you have your plan and recipe ready as you will have only the 16th July parade to plan and prepare for it.