Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Juniors: Home safely from Earth Camp

Welcome home everyone!

We are very glad that everyone came back in one piece albeit tons of mozzy bites. We still have not figured out what works to deter the Gopeng Mozzies.

We really want to thank God for His protection for all of us, the weather that held up for our activities, safe trip and good time for all us to get to know each other.

Thank you all parents for praying for us. Thanks so much for all the food, time and effort that you have contributed and mostly for bravely allowing your kids to try new adventures and to do things that some of them would never dream of.

We had a lot of great fun, learning and bonding together. See you all back at the normal parade!

Note: There were a lot of left over clothing and shoes at the campsite which we have brought back. Can the parents please come earlier on Sat, 7th May to help sort out your child's belongings . Thanks!