Monday, April 4, 2011

Juniors: Visit from BB Selangor State Commissioner & 4th PJ Juniors on 9th April 2011

Reminder: Please note that we will have Company Fall-in in conjunction with the State Commissioner's visit. Dress code is FULL uniform and be at FBC by 1.30pm. We will also hold a briefing to the members on the upcoming Earth Camp 2011 from 5.30-6.00pm. For those in the White Badge classes, please remember that you will be sitting/re-sitting for your badge test this coming Saturday. Do please get your parents to revise your material with you. If you have replacement school, do come after that. Don't worry about being late.

The new Selangor BB State Commissioner, Captain Richard Lee, will be visiting our
Company on 9th April 2011. He will be bring along 80 members and officers from the 4th PJ Junior section to have a combined parade with our Juniors.

We will have parade as normal on that day - Fall-in, Worship, Bible class, Badge Class, Drill and Games. Please make the effort to welcome our fellow BBians from 4th PJ and show them great hospitality. The OIC will give you more detailed information at parade this Saturday.