Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Juniors Earth Camp Recycling Fund Raising

REMINDER: We are selling spaghetti at FBC and PBC so kids, please sign up to help out at both sides.Thanks!

Having loads of fun safely sometimes also mean that we have to pay quite a bit for it as well. As such we are organizing several events to raise fund for the Earth Camp 2011.

Newspaper Recycling Please remember to bring your old newspaper, magazines and computer paper when you come for parade between19th March and 23rd April. Drop them off by the BB Cabin or Globe Cafe if it's raining.

Spaghetti Galore We will be selling spaghetti at both First Baptist Church and Pantai Baptist church in this fund raising on:
- FBC: Sundays, 3rd & 10th April after 8.45am service; and
- PBC: Sundays, 27th March & 3rd April after 8.45am and 11.00am services.

Looking for some Juniors volunteers to help out with the selling of the food items for these 4 events. Please sign up with Sir Joseph for FBC and Sir Lee Henn for PBC stalls by this Saturday! Dress code is mufti.