Monday, October 25, 2010

Juniors: Eggy Cooking Competition Result

You've cracked the eggs, beat 'em up, sizzled and wolfed them down and...and...the Selangor State Exco survived (I'd presumed as no one called Capt Vincent from the hospital!)!

Hope you all had fun and the officers were very impressed by how all the squads carried themselves and how clean B2 was after the competition. Great job to all!

Announcing the winners for the Juniors' Eggy Cooking Competiton!

1st: Squad 2 - 336 pts (24+312)

2nd: Squad 6 - 331.5 pts (24+307.5)
3rd: Squad 5 - 328 pts (27+301)

4th: Squad 3 - 324 pts (21+303)
5th: Squad 4 - 313 pts (22+291)
6th: Squad 1 - 289 pts (21+268)

Wonderful job to all the team and it's very heartening to see how well you all worked together! Congrats!