Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Juniors: Iron Chef Eggy Cooking Competition

We've dropped the eggs ... some survived ... some crashed... so what do you do with them? Eat them of course! Welcome to the Juniors' Iron Chef Eggy Cooking Competition on 23rd October 2010!

Have you been researching on your 1001 ways to cook an egg? How many have you come up with?

Remember your squad have to prepare egg dishes that cover at least 5 ways or methods on how to cook an egg.. different variants of the same cooking method does not count ok.. for e.g. scrambled eggs with onion and scrambled eggs with tomatoes are still considered 1 method. The deliciousness factor will also be main key as well.. too salty nah... too bland oops... cleanliness as well..just make sure you don't give the judges tummy aches!

You are allowed to add in additional ingredients into your egg dishes like onion, garlic, mushroom, spices, sausages, meat, etc and cook them in any type of recipes be it French Toast, Egg Benedict, Sunny side up, Chawan Mushi and on and on the list goes!

Remember the inter-squad competition will be based on:
  1. Methods that were used for cooking the eggs;
  2. Deliciousness factor;
  3. Presentation including squad representatives presenting each dish to the judges sharing what is the recipe, why they chose it and how it's being made;
  4. Cleanliness of the squad workstation - during and after; and
  5. Teamwork within the squad
We will inform you of who will be in the panel of judges later as well as what are the prizes!

So continue to plan and discuss in your squad on your strategy, recipe and logistics.

Remember, you will need to bring EVERYTHING except the stove and gas! We will also provide a central steamer for all squad who would like to use it to steam their egg dishes. Each team is allowed to bring only a maximum of 30 eggs so take good care of them!

Have fun, be safe and cook up a Storm! Are you ready?