Sunday, August 8, 2010

Silver Badge Hiking Test

To all the members of LT Joseph Chin and LT Lee Henn's Silver Badge class, please come ready with your hiking gear this Saturday, 14th August 2010 for the Silver Badge Hiking outing. We will head to the trails in Bukit Cerakah. Shah Alam.

We will fall in for normal parade and worship before heading out for the hike. We plan to be back in FBC Subang before 5.30pm. Transportation will be provided to the park and back. Please arrange to be in FBC Subang before 2.00pm and for your parents to pick you up as normal after parade.

Remember to bring your water container, cap/hat, extra change of clothes, mozzy repellent, notebook, backpack and stationery.

You are to record the event, landmarks and insects found along the trail as a part of your test.

Those who are involved in this test are the members in Sir Joseph's Silver Badge class and Sir Lee Henn's previous Red Badge class who are moving up to the Silver Badge:
  1. Tee Xiang;
  2. Tan Jin Kiat;
  3. Thomas Cowie;
  4. David Cheng;
  5. Timothy Low;
  6. Kuet Tze Lerh; and
  7. Celine Ong.
Please contact the officers if you have any question. See you on Saturday!