Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Countdown to E&A Day 2010 - 3 Days!

As we countdown to our 10th Enrollment & Award Day, please prepare your uniform ahead of time so that you will not forget to bring ALL items on the day itself! I've already ironed my shirt, dry cleaned my jacket and now only left the belt and shoes to be polished.

Don't leave home without your family! Get them to come to join us for the eventful occasion and to see you get the badge that you have work
ed so hard for!

For those in the Worship Team, please be in FBC Subang by 12.00noon. As for the rest please make sure that you are in church by 1.15pm.

Please make plans with your parents on attending the 10th Anniversary dinner on the next Saturday, 7th August. Note that the last date for purchase of tickets is on 1st August. We will not sell anymore tickets after that as we would need to revert the numbers to the restaurant. So please make plans to get your tickets after the E&A Day this Sat if you are yet to do so.