Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pre-Juniors & Juniors: Recycling

Dear Parents / Guardian (Pre-Juniors & Juniors)


We wish to inform you that we are collecting the following recyclables every

4th Saturday from 1:30 – 2:30 pm .

The list of the recyclables are as follows : -

  1. Aluminum Cans - leftover drinks rinsed and cans flattened
  2. Paper - Newspapers, Books / Magazines, Cardboard boxes, Catalogues, Directories, Assorted papers, Used Envelopes (except dirty food wrappers).
  3. Tetrapaks - cut open, rinsed and dry (separate plastic openings from the packing).

Please encourage your children to sort the recyclables according to the above 3 categories:-

  • clean and dry items 1 and 3, place them separately in bags
  • tie item 2 properly and place all the items at the BB Cabin (next to the car park)

The money generated from the sale will be given to the needy children and for the running of the BB activities.

Thank You.

In His Service,

Lt. Bobby Tan (012 294 7630)

Ong Saw Sim (016 656 6237)

(Recycling Coordinators)