Monday, May 17, 2010

  1. Pray and ask God for wisdom in selecting the right songs.
  2. Slow songs are always sung together.
  3. In the same way, fast song also are sung together. In summary slow and fast songs (ie. 1 fast, 1 slow, 1 fast, 1 slow) usually cannot mix.
  4. In a worship, the leader usually begin with a few fast songs and end with a few slow songs.
  5. In between a few songs it's alway good to say something encouraging so that everyone will want to continue to praise God from their hearts.
  6. Saying something short and encouraging is does not come naturally. It involved thinking, praying and relating it to the next song. It also involve writting it down and practice in your own time. (Practice in front of a mirror helps)
  7. Go near to the microphone and speak into it. Do not be afraid. Treat it as your friend.
  8. When standing in front to worship, always be friendly, positive and smile (at the right time). When they see you excited and smile (especially for fast songs, they will also want to sing with joy). It's good to be confident, and practising at home (before actual practice) really help to built confidence.
  9. During practice at home, sing through all the songs to remember the sequence of songs.
  10. In between songs, especially when they start with different chord, be prepared and again, practice what you plan to do to connect the songs. If its the same chord, speed and rhythm, you may wish to join the songs together. If chords are different, it helps to pause a short while before sing the next song.
  11. Always be on time for practice.
  12. Plan beforehand with musicians how many times you want to sing the song or repeat choruses
The above doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and continual learning until it becomes natural.

FORMAT OF SONGS AND WORSHIP The following is format to follow during worship. 1. First 2 or 3 songs to be fast (praise), last few songs to be slow or moderate (worship) 2. First songleader to do the following, a. Welcome everyone for worship and say something encouraging to get everyone to sing it out ! (not more than 1 minute) b. Pray to ask God to bless the praise and worship session. 3. Second songleader to do the following, a. Read a short bible passage (with enthusiasm) eg. from psalms and say something short to encourage everyone to continue in worship. b. End in prayer. Re: Item 2 and 3 require the song leaders to prepare what to say/pray and practice at home before saturday.

God bless,
Teacher William