Monday, March 22, 2010

Bird Race Reminder

Are you ready for the Bird Race this Saturday?

As you prepare, please remember the followings:

Pre-Junior dress code: Mufti, Name Tag and Hat/Cap (don't bring BB Cap)
Junior dress code: Mufti, Name Tag, Hat/Cap (don't bring BB Cap) and Sports/Hiking shoes

Things to bring:
1. Extra change of clothes & footwear in separate bag (to be locked in classroom in Subang Center)
2. Small backpack
3. Water - recommend 2 bottles
4. Stationeries
5. Watch ONLY for Jr Squad Leader and Asst SL
6. Raincoat/wear (optional)

Remember to eat your breakfast before you come to FBC Subang!

Please do get together with your parents to pray for safety, journey mercy and good weather.

See you all there at 9.00am sharp! Remember the last one to arrive... may be eliminated!